Mike Beatrice - Founder

CEO/ Founder/ Head Coach Oakland Fitness Company

CEO/ Founding Partner Homegrown Oakland

NASM Certified

Graduate 2011 NPTI (National Personal training Institute

Over 10,000 Hours of Training Experience

Active Lifestyle Enthusiest

Mike Beatrice opened Oakland Fitness Company in 2014. At OFC Mike houses independent trainers offering a great place for other small business owners to grow their brands. He is also a Master Trainer with many years of hands on coaching experience. 

Starting in 2011 he became a full time independent trainer and nutrition consultant. His goal was to grow a successful enough small business so that he could launch it into his very own training facility. After 2 years he was able to find and open the location for OFC. A lifetime of athletics and competitive spirit has given Mike the experience to understand how to move and motivate athletes properly. His coaching philosophy focuses on improving 5 basic human movement patterns. (squat, hip hinge, push, pull & carry). He believes as long as you have good mobility and add strength to proper movement patterns you will be able to perform exercise more effectively. If you can move strong you will feel pain free and building lean muscle and shedding unwanted fat will become a breeze.

"In my program you will use your entire body. You will learn a combination of calisthenics, barbell, kettlebell. You will master the push,pull, squat, hinge and carry.  You will be asked to strengthen your mobility and body awareness. We are focused on being movement strong at OFC. The rest falls right into place."

MIke is 35 years old and lives in Oakland, California. He has lived in North Oakland for the last 11 years. It is his goal to bring nothing but great energy and vibes to his neighborhood and the people of the community. He's originally from Boston,MA. He is the proud father to 10 year old Bella (his best friend and number one partner in crime). Mikes goal in life is to inspire others to make the most out of their life, to go hard for those big dreams and to not be afraid of setting crazy goals. Not just in the gym but in all aspects of life. Mike has a passion for pushing the envelope and creating businesses in Oakland especially within his community. He loves working with other entrepreneurs and like minded people to create things that bring people joy. He is also a founding partner and CEO of Homegrown Oakland ( a casual eatery focused on making fresh, creative and healthy comfort food), as well as Sideshow Burgers & Beer Garden in North Oakland. 

Lisa Moore

It is never too late to fall in love with fitness.  Lisa has always been an active individual and finds it very rewarding to share her passion for fitness and health with others.  Time spent training with Lisa will be an overall transformation to feeling good, looking better and ultimately choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.  Lisa will provide you with the necessary tools to help you succeed! By providing you with a safe, fun, and comfortable environment, Lisa can help you lose weight, gain strength and muscle, and exceed your fitness goals.  Each training session will be new and invigorating, expect to work hard, have fun and truly enjoy going to the gym.

Curtis Tunson

Curtis Tunson’s path to starting ATLAS EPD comes from his lifelong experiences as an athlete, coach, educator and consultant.

Curtis has created ATLAS Elite Performance Development to make a singular "space" for athletes and performers of all varieties to develop, train and excel at their respective craft(s) by offering a wide range of support services “under one roof”.


ATLAS recognizes that the pursuit of high-level performance is a multi-dimensional experience that entails multiple channels of support. ATLAS continually evolves into a larger mechanism engaging in innovative, mindful, and stimulating collaborations with psychologists, physical therapists, agents, athletic trainers, coaches, athletic directors, educators, and high achievers from all walks of life.

Curtis earned his B.A. in Sociology from Regis University, and his M.A. in Sport & Performance Psychology from the University of Denver.


Curtis has 10+ years of experience as a coach and helping develop youth athletic programming for many sports and ages, 5+ years as a sports performance specialist, and 5+ years as a mental performance consultant.



-CSCS - (National Strength & Conditioning Association)

-FMS Level I & II - (Functional Movement Systems)

-CWPC - (Athletes Acceleration)

-Sports Performance Coach (USA Weightlifting)

Recent coaching ventures and collaborations include:

-Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-Neptune Beach Pearl (Collegiate Summer Baseball, California Collegiate League Champions 2015, Semi-Finalists 2016)

-St. Mary’s College High School (NCS Division 4 Champions ‘09 & ‘13, Finalist ‘12, ‘14, ‘15)

-Piedmont Baseball-Softball Foundation

- Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Mental Performance Specialist, Mobile-app development

-Accelerate Sports Performance & Training Slate (SF)

- Mental Performance Consultant (NFL Defensive Backs & Defensive Linemen Summer Sessions, ATP & WTA, NCAA Men’s Basketball, MLB)

-IMG Academies (FL)

-Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-B.I.O. Consultants (Police & Fire Wellness Program)

Felix Conde

Felix’s journey through health and fitness took an unexpected turn when a car accident sidelined him from athletic competition.  Told he would never play again, Felix immersed himself in learning innovating and exciting ways to become faster & stronger, with flexibility & dexterity.  Felix is an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified personal trainer with a background in Level 1 Massage Therapy.


Felix’s programing will provide detailed instruction on the 5 human movements (push, pull, squat, hinge, and carry). 

“Understanding how and why our bodies move the way they do, builds the solid foundation of trust and belief in ourselves, and with that creates maximum opportunities to achieve our greatest athletic potentials.”

– Felix’s philosophy.


He enjoys working with all levels giving anyone new to fitness, or someone simply looking to improve their current skill set, the proper time and focus to master their form and build confidence by achieving measurable results. For more seasoned athletes, Felix specializes in making responsive program adjustments to achieve any specific objective, whether it be strength, speed, or physique.


Felix is a San Francisco born, Bay Area native, currently living in Oakland.  He has taken the many personal  lessons of acute therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation to elevate his mind and body back to the highest active level, and regularly engages in many activities including: basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain bike riding.


You can check out his class Exist Fit (see Class Schedule) or contact him for a free fitness consultation and 1-on-1 personal training.

E-mail: ExistFit@gmail.com




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