Our Classes


Functional Fitness

Mobility, Muscle Activation, Human Movement, Combination of cross-training, weight training, calisthenics, suspension training and a ton of core exercises and agility movement. Burn tons of fat and build some nice lean muscle along the way. for those who like boot camp but desire more focus building strength and knowledge of exercise.

Oakland Fitness

We are here to improve 5 main human movement patterns. We will teach you to push, pull, squat, hinge and carry. Sounds easy?? Yes, in theory. However doing all of these movements properly, comfortably and regularly requires alot more attention to the small things often overlooked in traditional group fitness programming. BY skipping this step you may be missing some key elements to improving your overall movement patterns. This class stresses flexibility, mobility, range of motion and multiple planes of motion. we focus on technique before intensity. You will learn to move properly, command your posture and own the full strength of your skeleton. Simply put I will help you move with finesse and agility. You will rid yourself of a ton of unwanted aches and pains associated with poor posture and under activated muscles. In order to be strong you must first move strong.  This class includes tons of great insight into the way your body moves and functions. Equipment used (calisthenics, body weight, trx, kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes etc)

Strength & Conditioning

Torch body fat, Build lean muscle. Annihilate Body Fat. Move your body as fast as you can in all directions.

Now its time to really get after it! PUSH,PULL,SQAUT,HINGE AND CARRY YOUR WAY TO THE FINISH LINE. End the week in an inferno of sweat. This class is really putting all the pieces of our program together. This is your "GAME DAY". This is where all the flexibility, agility, range of motion, power, speed, and strength come together. Get your body moving like an athlete. By firing all your muscles and putting your body in a metabolic state you will be torching fat and building raw lean muscle. Starting with larger muscle groups and multi-jointed movements you will alert your entire body to burn fat like an inferno.  The faster and more efficiently you move the more likely to have that lean shredded body you have been working for. These are the movements and the intensity that give you the results you want. 

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